The Relationship between Clutter and Money

When clutter runs high, money runs low. Misdirected time and energy are to blame. Guilt and other emotions cloud good judgment which causes the endless cycle to continue. By clearly understanding that there is a relationship between clutter and money, any effort made will produce better results.

There is a natural tendency to want more and more. When material things are not taken care of properly, then they have less value in the eyes of the beholder. The burning desire to own new things intensifies. Affordability and need take a backseat and the downward spiral drags on indefinitely.

Rather than facing the situation, a host of feelings from guilt to denial to being overwhelmed kick into the equation. Time and energy are devoted to justifying the current situation instead of taking positive steps to improve it. Rationalization and procrastination rule the day.

No clutter situation is hopeless. Start with understanding and forgiveness. Understand that there is a direct link between clutter, emotional well-being and financial health. Forgive past behavior and vow to do better.

By respecting and taking care of things already owned, the power shifts and possessions no longer own the person. Time and energy as well as money are valued from a whole new perspective. A new attitude puts negative emotions in check.

When it comes to clearing out and organizing a home, it does not really matter where the starting point is as long as there is one. Once the process begins, it will take on a life of its own. The focus will shift to discarding rather than to acquiring. In the end, balancing out the house will produce healthier balances in the bank.

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