Home Organizing: Do the Math

Look around your surroundings and do some simple math: 1 + 1  = Too Much. Clutter will multiply and grow when the underlying causes for it go unchecked. While the list of reasons may be endless, the solutions are pretty finite.

Start with the basic premise that everything in your home needs a home. It is important to keep this in mind as you begin to clear out the clutter. Things of use and those that hold high personal value should be kept. However, this can prove to be a slippery slope in your decision-making process.

For example, one can argue that an old toaster has value in case the new one breaks. However, it will take up twice the room and the chances of it ever being dragged out of a dusty basement are slim to none. This same principle applies to clothes, books and virtually every other item in the house. The space saved will continue to multiply as the process continues.

When placing a value on personal items, sentimentality plays a major role. If everything is considered to be important, then in reality, nothing is important. We end up burying our treasures so choose wisely.

Clutter places a burden on our time, space and money. In order to win the battle, we must divide and conquer our fears. In the end, it will all add up to a calmer and less chaotic lifestyle.

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Lifestyle: The Relentless Pursuit of Material Things

When the pursuit of happiness gets jumbled up with the pursuit of material things, the outcome will never be a good one. A change of attitude can change your world.

Keeping up with the Joneses can be exhausting, and frankly, they probably do not even notice, or more importantly, even care. In the end, you wind up in debt and with the unavoidable added stress as a reward.

When something is brought into a home, it decreases the perceived value of everything else in that home. We eventually forget what we have and, more often than not, create one big chaotic mess for ourselves. It takes time and energy away from more important things.

Clutter leads to guilt which will never lead to happiness. It all brings us down so we go out and buy more to make us feel better. New stuff has a way of doing that but the high does not last for long. Breaking the cycle is the ultimate cure.

Appreciate what you have and surround yourself with only the things that bring joy into your life. By clearing your home of clutter, you will be clearing your mind of it as well. Only then, will you be able to focus and pursue what really brings you happiness and chance are, it will have nothing to do with the Joneses or burning a bigger hole in your pocket.

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Lifestyle: Redefining the American Dream

The American Dream as we know it has taken a beating. For many, a good secure job and the hope for a big beautiful house equipped with all of the trimmings has all but been left in the dust. While a more promising future may be on the horizon, there are lessons to be learned today.

Hard work, commitment and an intense drive to get ahead are all key ingredients to success but sometimes fall short. Living large now will not lead to a carefree future and retirement.

Despite the obstacles, we all have some say as to our destiny. By living within our means and appreciating what we do have, we can create a fulfilling lifestyle. It may take a little ingenuity but is well within our grasp.

For the vast majority, a house will by far be the largest investment of a lifetime. The old adage that “less is more” certainly applies. By simply cleaning out the clutter, a home will suddenly feel less crowded. Go a step further by using smart storage solutions to organize the remaining contents and that same house will feel even more spacious. Perhaps the answer has never been bigger and better.

By simplifying the home front, more time can be devoted to more worthwhile pursuits. Shackled by debt and worry will never put anyone on the road to the Promised Land. The freedom to become all we can be may have been the American Dream all along but we just got a little lost in all of the material stuff to realize that we were already in reach of grabbing the brass ring.

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Downsizing: The Kids Don’t Want the Stuff

When the time for downsizing arrives, our children are likely candidates to be the benefactors of our boundless generosity. However, for the most part, they do not want it. With few exceptions, our kids love us but our stuff, not so much.

Through the generations, the times have changed. When many of us were young, we married early, bought a modest home and started a family. While money may have been tight, the American Dream was alive and well.

Hand-me-downs were a welcome tradition to any home. Perhaps the mindset was a remnant of the Great Depression but it worked well, and could again if, and only if, all parties are willing.

As time went by, more women entered the workforce, married later in life and had fewer children. They realized a new independence both financially and in their thinking. It trickled down to the appearance of their home and choices in lifestyle, as well.

With this in mind, begin the downsizing journey with an open heart. Ask the kids first but avoid straddling them with guilt. Giving to charity or selling things outright are all viable options. Any proceeds could be used to create meaningful and special experiences for all of your loved ones. In the end, it is cherished memories that are the true treasures that help define the fabric of a family.

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Source: Downsizing: The Kids Don’t Want the Stuff

Home Organizing: To Binge or not to Binge on Storage Bins

Storage bins can be a useful tool when organizing a home. However, they are not the foolproof answer to solving clutter issues. Tossing all of your worldly belongings in containers and then calling it a day will not get you closer to the promised land. At best, it only delays the day of reckoning.

Chaos from clutter does not happen overnight. It usually sneaks up and overwhelms without much warning. An investment in time and an attitude adjustment go a long way toward the cure. Before taking any action, consider how much simpler life could be without the burden of all of the stuff weighing you down. Be honest and really take a hard look at all of the things lying around that are contributing to the problem.

The next phase is to take a deep breath and dive in. Start by sorting into categories. Once all of the like items are gathered and without fail, you will own more than you realize. Smarter purging decisions will result.

Everything in a home needs a home. Take a critical eye to closets and other storage areas and then decide on a logical place to put all of the the pieces back together. At this point, it would be wise to consider the use of storage bins. Go one step further and choose the right size and shape to fit your needs.

As the process continues, decisions become easier. Experience is gained as well as momentum. The answer to binging or not on storage bins will become more evident as they are used more as a tool than a crutch. Before long, you will be sprinting rather than hobbling across the finish line to the promised land.

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Organizing the Kitchen: Think Real Estate

The kitchen ranks by far as the busiest and most active place in a house. Consider it prime real estate and value it accordingly in relation to other areas in a residence.

When the heart of a home is organized, the daily lives of those living there can hum along pretty smoothly. Chaos can be reduced to a minimum when any number of items can be found quickly and without a search and destroy mission every morning.

Start with the basics. Everything in your kitchen needs a home and group like things together. From keys to important papers to all of the basics typically found in a kitchen, they will have a hard time winding up lost if you follow these simple rules.

Take a critical eye to your kitchen with convenience in mind. Places that are easiest to reach should be allocated to the items that are most frequently used. Follow that line of thought throughout all of the available storage areas. Items rarely used should be housed rather high or low or, preferably, in a more remote location like a shelf in the basement or pantry.

As you sort through, discard all of the fancy gadgets and whatnot that seemed like a good idea at the time but have never or rarely been utilized. These things, without fail, get in the way and constantly cause undue burden each and every day.

“Location. Location. Location. ” defines prime real estate. It applies both inside and outside of a home. Maximize value and peace of mind by organizing the kitchen as well as any other problem areas in your house. It will be well worth the investment.