Home Renovations 101: What to Expect and How to Prepare

By: Annabelle Harris

Renovating your home can be exciting: after all, you might be adding a room, designing your dream kitchen, updating an old bathroom, or finishing a basement. There are many types of remodeling projects for homes, and each one could improve the look and feel of your living space, increase your property’s value, and make your home a more enjoyable place to live.

That being said, home renovations can also be very lengthy, costly, stressful, and anxiety-inducing. A kitchen upgrade, for instance, costs around $35,000 and takes one to two weeks to complete — while a full kitchen renovation could cost $65,000 and take up to 12 weeks until completion.

Other projects — like converting an attic into a living space — could cost as much as $75,000 and take up to 10 weeks to complete in some cases. Of course, the length and cost of your project will depend on factors such as your wants and needs, location, materials used, and project size. To learn more about home renovations and how to prepare for your project, check out this guide from Philly Home Organizer.

Estimate Your Project Costs
As you prepare to renovate your home, you’ll first need to estimate your project costs and determine how you’ll pay for your home improvements. Be sure to take the following home renovation expenses into account when creating your budget:

Project permits
Your project timeline
Market conditions
Materials involved
Furnishings, fixtures, and accessories
Accommodations (if you’ll be moving out of your home during the renovation)
Cleanup costs

Your contractors will likely use project estimating software to calculate your material and labor costs before providing you with a quote, as these apps can be used to estimate costs for construction, HVAC, plumbing, landscaping, and electrical work. This type of software makes it easy for your contractor to estimate material and labor costs in your area, accept payments online, and create and send estimates to potential clients. Click for more info on how your contractor might estimate your renovation project costs.

Find Reliable Contractors
Before spending a huge chunk of time and money on your home renovation, you’ll also want to do your due diligence searching for the right contractors to complete your project. Experts recommend interviewing and obtaining estimates from at least three contractors before making a decision. It’s also a good idea to request references and verify the contractor’s licenses and insurance policies before paying a deposit and signing a contract.

Consider a Home Warranty Plan
Depending on the type of renovations you’re completing, it might also make sense financially to purchase a home warranty plan — especially if you’re replacing your appliances; upgrading your HVAC, plumbing, and/or electrical systems; or installing something like a sump pump, spa, or septic system. While specific coverage for home warranties vary, plans can be renewed on an annual basis — and it’s possible to shop around for warranties that fit your budget and coverage needs.

Furnish & Organize Your Newly Renovated Home
After completing your home renovation, you’ll finally be ready to furnish your newly renovated room(s) and get things back in order. If you’ve added a home office, for instance, be sure to purchase a comfortable desk and chair for working from home and place them in an area that gets lots of natural light. If you don’t have access to natural light, however, you can install ceiling track lights, floor lamps, or recessed lighting.

Other furnishings for your newly renovated home might include:

Major furniture pieces
Cabinets and shelving units

The post-renovation period is also an excellent time to organize and declutter your belongings. Philly Home Organizer can help you to get things organized, better manage your living space, and solve any household storage issues you may have. You can even get help with donating or repurposing your belongings.

Renovations Are Stressful, Yet Survivable
Surviving a home renovation may seem impossible, but this guide will help you to better prepare for the process. Take your time interviewing contractors, reviewing contractor estimates and bids, and comparing home warranties — and have some fun shopping for furnishings and decor for your newly renovated office, kitchen, living room, or bedroom. You’ll have a brand new room (or home) to enjoy when the entire renovation is finally through.

Philly Home Organizer is a professional organizer serving the Greater Philadelphia and Southern Jersey area. Check out our services and rates or contact me at 215-487-1520 or by emailing phillyhomeorganizer@verizon.net.

Image via Pexels

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