Healthy Ways to Cope with a Downsize

By: Annabelle Harris

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Once your kids fly the coop, the allure of owning the home you raised a family in can begin to fade. While your dreams once motivated you to keep up with maintenance and upkeep, these responsibilities may now feel like more of a burden, especially considering that you no longer need as much space.

As such, more and more seniors are downsizing their belongings and relocating to smaller homes. With fewer maintenance tasks, reducing to a smaller home can create a general sense of simplicity in your life.

That said, the downsizing process can be physically and emotionally taxing. Much like decluttering to reduce stressors in the home, it requires you to sift through decades of possessions and cope with the emotions attached to them. Throughout the process, it’s essential to foster your physical and mental wellness. These tips from Philly Home Organizer can help you do just that:

Handle the Logistics

There are many steps involved in selling a home, and the earlier you start preparing, the better. Start researching the local housing market to get an idea of an asking price and what upgrades buyers are looking for.

Plan for the Physical Toll

When it comes time to move homes, you should prepare for the physical demands of moving. Quick and Dirty Tips suggests checking with friends and family members to see if any or all of them can help. The last thing you want to do is overextend yourself; take frequent breaks, and try not to lift any heavy boxes or items.

If you don’t have friends or relatives nearby, or you do and still need some extra hands, consider hiring a moving company to take care of the legwork. You can quickly find local moving companies near you through online service directories, which allow you to read customer reviews and compare rates.

When assessing different companies, request a written estimate before meeting them at your home for a quote. Be wary of scams; legitimate movers will insist on performing an inspection in your home before giving you a bill.

Balance Activity With Rest

As previously mentioned, rest is critical to a successful move. Make sure you incorporate relaxing activities into your daily routine, even on the days you are moving. Find ways to unwind from the physical, mental, and emotional impact that comes with downsizing. And try to get adequate sleep each night.

From the moment you decide to put your house on the market until you have unpacked all of your belongings in your new home, it will be a long process, sometimes consisting of busy days.

Don’t let a day pass by without eating healthy meals and snacks. Try to have foods rich in essential vitamins, fiber, protein, and healthy fats. You likely will get some good exercise from having to go here and there, especially on moving day. But if not, at least try to work in a 30-minute walk or yoga session.

Deal With Your Emotions

Leaving a home where you have created beautiful memories and that has been your shelter from tough days can be taxing on the soul. Lifetime Daily points out that it’s essential to face the emotions likely to come with such a significant change.

Before you even begin packing, take a trip down memory lane through the house and your belongings and allow yourself to fear the sadness and potential fears about moving. Confront the fear and stress head-on by acknowledging it may occur and talking to loved ones when they strike. You’re making some important decisions during time, so be sure to deal with the stress so you’re focused on what’s before you. Take a deep breath and set your priorities, with an eye toward the future and not the past.

If you’ve decided to downsize your possessions and move into a smaller home, then it’s essential to prepare for the process and take care of yourself along the way. Handle the logistics, get help from others, practice self-care, and work through the emotions that ensue as you’re sorting through your belongings. Before long, you’ll be settling into a more manageable home, ready to start your next chapter.

Getting Organized: Your Home is Your Business

Just about everybody loves Most households have a great deal in common with Amazon… like having a lot of stuff. However, the comparison usually stops there.

The one big difference between the internet giant and the typical home is that Amazon has systems in place to instantly find what they are looking for on any given day, at any given moment and over and over again without fail. That cannot be said about the average homeowner.

While you may not need a sophisticated computer program to run a home, you do need a system that works for you. Like any business, the less “inventory” on hand translates into a less complicated setup.

A good system means higher efficiency. Less time is wasted looking for things. Money is saved by actually knowing what you do have on hand in the house. Thinking twice becomes second nature on any given shopping expedition.

Logic is always a sound place to start when deciding what works for you. First and foremost, bid a fond farewell to all of the things that are not used and be honest with yourself as to the likelihood of them ever being utilized in the future.

Once the clutter is identified and handled, it is time to get down to business and get organized. The end goal is for everything in your home to have a home. Look around, assess the damage and dig in. As a general rule, storage spaces are often a good jumping off point.

Successful businesses go to great lengths to optimize their inventory levels and so should you. By doing so, you can reap the rewards and maximize the return on living a more simplified lifestyle. While you may not be an industry giant, your home is important and most certainly your business.

Home Organizing: Getting Started

Dream big. Think small. Set realistic goals. Feeling overwhelmed by the enormity of the project at hand is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to getting started at all when it comes to organizing a home.

A general sweep through the house to gather up any items that are easily identified as disposable starts things moving in the right direction. Send them off to a charity, trash can or recycling center as soon as possible. Determination thrives on positive reinforcement.

Once that is done, jot down a few things that you want to get accomplished on a given day like some cabinets, shelves or drawers. The list is just a guide to keep you somewhat on track.

Start with the list and follow the path where it leads. During the sorting and purging process, there will be things that are not in a logical place. Find a proper home for them and organize those designated areas.

There is no point in jamming something into a spot that is already bursting at the seams. Stirring the pot by just moving things from room to room will get you exactly nowhere. However, if a complicated place like the attic or basement is involved, it is okay to leave that for another day when you are able to focus on just that area.

Return to the checklist and continue on to another item. Keep adding to and moving down the list. Before long, you will begin to see real progress. A sense of satisfaction will keep your momentum going.

By thinking small, you can overcome the hurdle of feeling the situation is hopeless and actually jump-start yourself into action. Action leads to accomplishing big things. As Martin Luther King Jr once said, “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Give the Gift of an Organized Home this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to enlist the help of a Professional Organizer and give the gift of an organized home. It is a present that will not only last for the whole year but for future years to come.

After years of picking up shoes to finding lost mittens and everything in between, moms not only deserve an organizing makeover but they have certainly earned it.

Even the best of homes have a way of accumulating massive amounts of stuff as time marches on. Restoring some balance can go a long way in giving anyone a welcomed boost. It lightens up the load and frees up time for the more enjoyable things that life has to offer.

On a sentimental note, mothers are the custodians of the keepsakes that hold many of the family’s memorable moments. All too frequently, some of the best treasures get buried and forgotten. Once the path is cleared, the walk down memory lane will be well worth the effort.

Through the good, the bad and the downright ugly, moms have always been there to pick up the pieces. Mother’s Day is an ideal opportunity to offer a well-deserved lift and give something back. An organized home is a great place to start.

When it Comes to Clutter, Just Handle it

While the things that we own do not live and breathe, each and every one of them sparks emotions inside all of us. Go with your gut when you are finally ready to reduce the amount of clutter in your home.

Practice makes perfect. In order to start honing your decision-making skills, start with the obvious. While this may be daunting for some with serious hoarding issues, for those who are committed to reducing clutter then there will be some easily identifiable items that can happily exit the premises.

Now the real work begins and it is time to take matters into your own hands, literally. Focus on a category like clothing or books rather than a location. Gather them all up together. You will most likely be surprised to see how much you actually own as well as how many you have completely forgotten about.

Grab hold of each one and pay attention to your reaction. If it makes you feel positive and you are willing to provide space and properly care for it, then it is a keeper. If not, put it in the history books and move on.

As you repeatedly go through the process, the decision making gets easier. You gain confidence in your skills and see the progress of your efforts which gives momentum to the whole project.

The ultimate goal is to be surrounded by the things that you love and find useful. By eliminating clutter, you are freeing yourself of the guilt and stress that always comes along with it. As a result, you will be in a much better position to handle just about anything that life throws your way.

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