Home Organizing: To Binge or not to Binge on Storage Bins

Storage bins can be a useful tool when organizing a home. However, they are not the foolproof answer to solving clutter issues. Tossing all of your worldly belongings in containers and then calling it a day will not get you closer to the promised land. At best, it only delays the day of reckoning.

Chaos from clutter does not happen overnight. It usually sneaks up and overwhelms without much warning. An investment in time and an attitude adjustment go a long way toward the cure. Before taking any action, consider how much simpler life could be without the burden of all of the stuff weighing you down. Be honest and really take a hard look at all of the things lying around that are contributing to the problem.

The next phase is to take a deep breath and dive in. Start by sorting into categories. Once all of the like items are gathered and without fail, you will own more than you realize. Smarter purging decisions will result.

Everything in a home needs a home. Take a critical eye to closets and other storage areas and then decide on a logical place to put all of the the pieces back together. At this point, it would be wise to consider the use of storage bins. Go one step further and choose the right size and shape to fit your needs.

As the process continues, decisions become easier. Experience is gained as well as momentum. The answer to binging or not on storage bins will become more evident as they are used more as a tool than a crutch. Before long, you will be sprinting rather than hobbling across the finish line to the promised land.

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Organize a Home before Building an Addition

Many folks are absolutely convinced that their homes are too small. Some are absolutely right depending on the size of their home and family as well as their lifestyle. Some are absolutely wrong.

Before a contractor is called to build a great room, devote some time and effort into weeding out all of the excess stuff that has somehow accumulated over the years. The rest should be organized and put in an appropriate place. Whatever the circumstances, it will be time well spent.

If uncontrolled clutter is the driving force behind increasing the size of a home, then the space issue will never be resolved. In reality, the problem will just become worse along with the clutter. The result will inevitably be more useless stuff over a wider area.

By efficiently using the space that is already available, there are many advantages to be gained. Out-of-pocket expenses for the cost of an addition could be eliminated all together or at least reduced if there is still some type of expansion still warranted. As an added bonus, there will be less of a strain on the household heating and cooling budget. It will also be easier to clean and maintain.

Delusions of grandeur can be trouble if an underlying clutter issue is to blame. Bigger will not get you better. With equal parts of creativity and practicality, an organized house might very well turn into a more spacious home without the headaches and added expense of putting on an addition.

Clean Out before Putting the House up for Sale

Moving into a new house is usually a life changing event. It is a fresh beginning. Out with the old and in with the new has a nice ring to it. It is also an opportune time to get organized and clean out the clutter.

Cleaning out and organizing an existing home could very well mean more money in your pocket. Neat and orderly homes show better to potential buyers. People can actually visualize themselves living in this dream home. The rooms will look larger when there is less stuff lying out and about as well.

Clutter cannot be hidden like it can when company is coming to visit. Basements, attics and most importantly, closets are all fair game and open to inspection. Crammed spaces look smaller and remind buyers of their own storage issues. The majority of people will not buy a particular house if they do not think that it has enough storage space.

The neater that a home appears, then the more attractive it will be to a wider audience of potential homeowners. It is likely that the house will sell more quickly and at a more lucrative price for the seller.

Lastly, clearing out lightens the load and does wonders for a person’s peace of mind. It is the catalyst that helps jumpstart a new beginning.