Home Organizing: The Fear of Tossing Paper

It is never too late to stand up and face down your demons. Many get paralyzed by the unknown and obsessed by the fear of throwing something away in case they may need it some day. Too often, the easy answer leads to inaction.

The solution to effectively managing paperwork requires a little thought, probability and balance. With these in mind, a practical filing system can be created to maintain it all.

All paper is not created equal. Be generous with the word junk since most of it is after all. Some fall in a temporary category and should be accommodated as such. A small percentage are legitimately very important and need top priority.

However, all of it is worthless if it cannot be found when needed. Balance is crucial. The amount of paper kept should be limited to the amount that one person can reasonably handle.

When in doubt, consider the last time that you ever referred back to any particular item if at all and the odds of ever having to do so in the future. The answer may be surprising.

This can be especially true for financial issues. Separate information needed for tax purposes and at the end of the year, file it all together with the tax return. The rest can most likely be considered discretionary. For example, discard interim investments statement and keep the year end only if so inclined. This alone would cut down on at least 75% of that paperwork.

Invest the time, use some common sense and think it through logically in order to define a simple method to deal with paper. While there will always be shades of gray, the fear will lessen with a definitive game plan.  In fact, fear should not lie in tossing but in not finding. The future never comes in the size and shape that we expect, so better to try and beat the odds rather than drown in a sea of paper. It will all balance out in the end.

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Home Organizing: The Bathroom Dilemma

The bathroom holds the honor of being one of the most important and busiest rooms in the house… and yet it tends to be the smallest. It is all the more reason to streamline and make it as efficient as possible.

Search and high and low for places that can be utilized for additional storage. It helps to think vertically and start the creative juices flowing. Shelves and cabinets in strategic places not only have practical uses but they can add character to a room as well. The same can be said about decorative touches such as bins, jars and baskets.

Our love of lotions and potions is virtually limitless. However, they can accumulate over the years to the point of insanity. Sort through and weed out the ones that have not been used in ages, and be honest, will most likely never be used in the future. Going forward, by knowing what you have and keeping a rein on the allure of overindulging, the results will be satisfying and long-lasting.

Work within the space and aim to designate just the essentials to the actual bathroom. Items such as extra towels and supplies might work better in a nearby area which is still convenient but less intrusive. Finding the balance is the key to success.

With a little ingenuity, any bathroom can work more efficiently. By making the effort, you will be showered again and again with rewarding benefits on a daily basis… and the bathroom dilemma can finally be put to rest.


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Tackle Home Organizing like a Jigsaw Puzzle


Think of organizing your home as a giant jigsaw puzzle. All of the puzzle pieces will eventually fit together perfectly once they are put in the appropriate place.

Before the puzzle can be successfully completed, all of the extra pieces that do not belong need to be sorted through and discarded. Things will never come together without this and will be a constant work in progress or abandoned totally. It cuts down on the frustration level as well.


It is always faster and easier to put a jigsaw puzzle together when it has fewer pieces. Keep this in mind when debating and second-guessing on what should stay and what can safely go in your home.

Reasons for keeping things can range from the practical to the sentimental to the impractical and anywhere in between. Honesty with yourself is key when weighing the benefits received against the extra effort required for any given item. More often that not, less is better.

Puzzles and games can be enjoyable and challenging. Home organizing is much the same. The difference lies in the personal benefits that are reaped day in and day out when a simpler and easier lifestyle is finally realized. The pieces of the puzzle will ultimately come together and you will be richly rewarded for your efforts.

Clutter Wars – It Is Mind Over Matter, Literally

When it comes right down to it, you have to look inward before you can look outward to effectively manage and organize your personal space. Once you are mentally prepared for the challenge, mind over matter will more than likely rule the day.