Smaller is Better in a Busy World

By: Annabelle Harris

You’ve probably heard the saying “less is more” more times than you can count. There’s definitely something to that, especially in a world where we tend to be busy all the time. Downsizing your home and possessions is a smart move that can help you live a better life, and today’s tips can get you there.

Today’s blog is brought to you by Philly Home Organizer, your go-to service when it’s time to transition into smaller housing.

What Does It Mean To Downsize?

Downsizing can mean different things to different people. While many people consider downsizing simply the act of living a more minimalist lifestyle, today’s post refers to the physical act of moving from a large home into a smaller space. The Storage Space blog explains that downsizing your home can help you simplify your lifestyle, save money, and reduce your debt.

Choosing A Home

If you’ve yet to move into a new space, take the time to decide what, exactly, you need. There are many different layout options you might find in a home, and these come in all different price ranges. If you’re single, for example, you may not need to separate living areas; by contrast, if you have a large family, downsize to a more efficient floor plan that still gives everyone their space without being excessively large.

Apartments Are An Option

When it’s time to downsize, you don’t necessarily have to buy another house. If you are a senior, an apartment might be a smart choice, especially if it has an elevator so that you can avoid stairs. You should keep price, space, and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in mind if you’re looking for an apartment. You might also have to decide between a one-bedroom and an efficiency, which is essentially a studio apartment with one open space for living and sleeping.

What Is A Home Warranty?

While buying a smaller home can save you money on maintenance, this is also a great time to look into a home warranty, which is a contract you renew once each year that covers normal wear and tear on your plumbing, heating, electrical, and cooling systems. The best home warranty company will also offer options to help you replace appliances. Keep in mind that this is different from your homeowners’ insurance, which covers theft, structural damage, and medical cost if someone is injured in your home or on your property.

How To Begin Your Downsizing Journey

The first step is to decide that you’re ready to live with less. Then, call your organizer to help you clear out your excess. You can either put these items in storage until you make a decision on what to do, or you can have a yard sale and earn some extra cash for your upcoming move. If you’re looking for garage sale tips, the Happiness Homemade blog offers lots of insight on how to get the most bang for your buck.

The average American home has shrunk by about 200 ft.² from its peak size of nearly 2500 ft.² in 2015. This is very telling of America’s desire to quit living for show and start living for life. In this vein of thought, it may be time to downsize if you’re ready to embrace all that life has to offer. From choosing a home or an apartment to deciding whether you need a home warranty to help protect your investment, today’s tips can help you make your move a smooth (and small) one.

Image via Pexels


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