Home Organizing: Do the Math

Look around your surroundings and do some simple math: 1 + 1  = Too Much. Clutter will multiply and grow when the underlying causes for it go unchecked. While the list of reasons may be endless, the solutions are pretty finite.

Start with the basic premise that everything in your home needs a home. It is important to keep this in mind as you begin to clear out the clutter. Things of use and those that hold high personal value should be kept. However, this can prove to be a slippery slope in your decision-making process.

For example, one can argue that an old toaster has value in case the new one breaks. However, it will take up twice the room and the chances of it ever being dragged out of a dusty basement are slim to none. This same principle applies to clothes, books and virtually every other item in the house. The space saved will continue to multiply as the process continues.

When placing a value on personal items, sentimentality plays a major role. If everything is considered to be important, then in reality, nothing is important. We end up burying our treasures so choose wisely.

Clutter places a burden on our time, space and money. In order to win the battle, we must divide and conquer our fears. In the end, it will all add up to a calmer and less chaotic lifestyle.

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