Organizing the Kitchen: Think Real Estate

The kitchen ranks by far as the busiest and most active place in a house. Consider it prime real estate and value it accordingly in relation to other areas in a residence.

When the heart of a home is organized, the daily lives of those living there can hum along pretty smoothly. Chaos can be reduced to a minimum when any number of items can be found quickly and without a search and destroy mission every morning.

Start with the basics. Everything in your kitchen needs a home and group like things together. From keys to important papers to all of the basics typically found in a kitchen, they will have a hard time winding up lost if you follow these simple rules.

Take a critical eye to your kitchen with convenience in mind. Places that are easiest to reach should be allocated to the items that are most frequently used. Follow that line of thought throughout all of the available storage areas. Items rarely used should be housed rather high or low or, preferably, in a more remote location like a shelf in the basement or pantry.

As you sort through, discard all of the fancy gadgets and whatnot that seemed like a good idea at the time but have never or rarely been utilized. These things, without fail, get in the way and constantly cause undue burden each and every day.

“Location. Location. Location. ” defines prime real estate. It applies both inside and outside of a home. Maximize value and peace of mind by organizing the kitchen as well as any other problem areas in your house. It will be well worth the investment.





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