Clutter: It is Never Really About the Stuff

Everyone does it. We all hold on to too many things for way too long. The reasons for doing it are endless but it all comes back to you.

The truth may surprise you but it is never really about the stuff. Find the underlying cause as to why you are possessed by your possessions and the clutter problem can be solved. The hard part is looking inside of yourself for the answers rather than outside at the chaotic mess in front of you.

One common theme that repeats itself time and time again about clutter is sentimentality. Every object that you own tells a story. The fear of losing the memory of those stories and therefore, a little bit of yourself, is paralyzing.

Pick your stories wisely. Life experiences do not always require a tangible reminder. Keeping a balance allows for the important ones to shine through and leaves room for new ones.

Step back and be honest. Assess the damage and look for solutions. Photos can be a useful tool. After all, a picture tells a thousands words. For example, there is no point hanging on to the prom dress taking up space in the back of the closet when it is captured in a photo. At the end of the day, it is just an old, out-dated dress that once served its purpose.

Clutter just gets in the way and buries you along with the things that you really want to treasure most. If everything has equal importance, then nothing is really important.

While it may be easier, a clutter problem will never be truly solved by thinking that it is all about the stuff. It is all about you.

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