Organizing the Pantry

The pantry as well as other food storage areas like the freezer are a continuous balancing act if you want them to be efficient. We all want to have enough staples at our finger tips and save money as well.

Issues usually arise when we have too much of a good thing. The space gets too crammed making it difficult to find anything or it sits around way past its expiration date. Having a grasp on what is there makes the balancing act a little easier.

Weekly circulars, coupons and even warehouse club stores can be valuable if kept in perspective. Only buy what you will use and in amounts that will be consumed within a reasonable amount of time. As hard as it is to believe sometimes, there most likely will be another incredible sale before the decade runs out.

Allot a defined amount of space to each general product category so as not to get too carried away and to help remember what is already on hand. The space should be big enough to hold what you need and also allow you to see what you have.

Pantries are all about space, time and money. They are an integral part of any kitchen. Used efficiently, there will be enough space to be sufficiently stocked which will save time and help maximize those shopping dollars. Keep in mind that nothing is ever a bargain while it is sitting, getting dusty, taking up space and too often forgotten.

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