Organize your Home for the Holidays – Part 3

The stores are gearing up for the holidays and hopefully, you are too. The optimal route to take when preparing your home for the holidays is to organize first and then clean. Start with the big jobs which tend to be the basement, attic and garage. From there, move to the closets, cabinets, drawers and any other storage areas in the house.

Once things are organized or at least improved, it will be easier to find an appropriate spot for all of the things lying about the house. It is always quicker to maintain a home when everything has a logical and designated space. As the holidays quickly approach, saving time and energy will be a welcomed bonus.

Cleaning the house as thoroughly as possible is next on the list. Start with the tough and time-consuming jobs as well as those in low traffic areas. When time becomes more of an issue, these are the jobs that may just get skipped entirely. There is a certain satisfaction that comes with knowing that the entire house has been cleaned.

With the house under control, you may just have a little less stress when it comes to the decorating, shopping, meal planning and everything else that the holidays bring. You could even find yourself actually enjoying all of the fun and spirit in the air that comes with the season. That, in itself, is the gift that we all deserve to give ourselves each and every year.

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