Managing a House of Credit Cards

When days are spent worrying about credit card limits rather than credit card balances, there is a problem. If one of the highlights of the week are the number of new credit card applications received in the mail, there is definitely a problem. A detour off the road to financial ruin is in order.

Focus energies on reducing personal debt. Overconsumption and wasteful spending can be brought into check if their underlying causes are addressed. Living within one’s means does not mean a life sentence at the state penitentiary.

Start by taking the control back by getting the house in order. By going through the physical and emotional process of purging the excess, the satisfaction of having some degree of order soon begins to outweigh the burning desire to want more.

Before long, the mindset shifts from juggling with credit card limits to whittling down credit card balances. Doing more with less becomes a reality as well as second nature. Feeling less of a financial burden gives way to a healthier sense of well-being and a marked improvement in a person’s disposition.

The destructive cycle can end. Take action before the road traveled turns into the financial path of no return.

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