Home Organizing: Where is the Starting Point?

In order to get the ball rolling, the choice of a starting point for organizing a home is important. It should be one that is realistic, emotionally safe and of reasonable size. Setting the bar too high at the outset will only mean frustration. Frustration leads nowhere and it certainly will not help to get the project off of the ground.

Every home has a junk drawer or two. It makes for a logical start and should take little time to get done. It will also help when it is time to put away items that are lying about the house that have no other place to go.

Kitchen cabinets offer another good beginning. Little emotion is involved when it comes to an expired can of food or a pack of stale crackers. Kitchen gadgets and small appliances that are never used can be pretty easily identified. Be mindful that kitchen storage areas are premium spaces when weighing the pros and cons of keeping something or not.

Closets are critical to the organizing process and need to be addressed early on. They are the keeper of many lost and forgotten items. Take a deep breath and purge. Once done, there will be a much clearer understanding of the space available when it comes to organizing the rest of the house. Smarter choices will follow.

Choose the starting point wisely. Once the process begins and the results start to become evident, the momentum will continue to not only build but accelerate as well. Positive reinforcement will allow for easier decisions when it comes to parting with harder things. Before long, the perks of a simpler lifestyle will far exceed the time and effort spent getting there.

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